Do the MCAs have the balls to impeach Kuti?

Two Isiolo County Members of County Assembly (MCAs) have started collecting signatures in a bid to impeach the County Governor. The two who have had a fallout with the administration after they appeared to publicly question the lack of oversight from the County Assembly which seems to be in bed with the Executive. Hon. Nura Diba (Sericho Ward), and Hon. Ali Dima (Cherab Ward) vowed not to relent to impeach the county boss. According to the two, the Governor has violated the constitution by continuously disrespecting the County Assembly and failing to table financial reports from the time he was elected into office. The MCAs have also accused the County boss of perpetuating gross corruption in the County as tenders are awarded only to close allies of the Governor.

The impeachment of county bosses in the country appears to be gaining traction. Governor Waititu of Kiambu was impeached as Waiguru of Kirinyaga was saved by the senate and Ngilu of Kitui is embattled and appears to be staring at her ouster through impeachment.

Do the Isiolo County MCAs have the balls to impeach the Governor or its a PR stunt? Only time will tell? Members of the County Assembly have a critical role to play as watchdogs and their oversight role is important in ensuring the Executive deliver on their mandates. The Governor is only there to represent the interests of the County and the County Assembly has a wider mandate that includes; approving the appropriation bill which spells out the expenditure plans for the County, and oversight how the County spends money allocated. They are an important thread that holds together the Executive and their power is so strong that they can sermon the County Executives to respond to queries or even pass motions for the removal of either County Executive Committee Members (CECs) or County Officers (COs) for any misconduct. These roles are so robust that if fully undertaken would ensure that the Governor has no option than to deliver for the people.

Governor Kuti must have known all these from the onset and once elected his first mandate was to ensure that he pockets MCAs and subdue them to the extent that they do only what he wants. This happened in no record time and nothing Kuti wanted failed to pass through the Assembly, the MCAs even went to the extent of giving joint press statements with the Executive just to massage the Governor. The Assembly has forgotten its mandate and that is for the same reason why they are not unable to impeach the Governor. They have dined and wined with the Executive for close to three years now and nothing looks to change in the next phase anyway. However, the courage showed by the two MCAs to stand up for what is right even if it has forced them to be sidelined is something that should be lauded. Stand by the truth and die by it even if it means you will be forced to stand alone.