Is Ethiopia too big to fail? The country is going to the dogs and no amount of coercion, tanks or treaties can salvage it or so it appears. The reform has aborted, the rightful owners of the country are restive and despotic regime anchored on the imperialism is burying its head in the sand. The West has oversold the usefulness and the strategic foresight of Dr. Abiy Ahmed and are now staring at total disaster in the country. The country is back to the ugly past. The subjugation of the masses and arrest of opponents is back. Dr. Abiy was a beneficiary of the protests of the majority Oromo and other ethnicities but he was not the reform they were demanding for nor the change they wanted to see. He was oversold by the west who were hellbent to see the survival of the centuries old regime. Just like President Obama-like rush top award the PM a Nobel Peace Prize DR.Abiy was of the system, by the system and for the system. The centuries-old system that ensures a small minority always had the way. In theory, democracies ought to be where minorities have their say and majorities their way. In Ethiopia, the majority neither had their say nor their way. The 40 million-strong Oromo, the 15 million Somalis and other majority citizens of the country are up against the reforms hijacked by the system. Dr. Abiy and the remnant of the ruling regime do not have the strategic foresight nor the knowledge and appreciation of history to midwife the changes. They thought to tweak the till would suffice and people will go back to their favelas. It is not working.