Kuti: A Genius at Delivering Nothing

Kuti: A Genius at Delivering Nothing

“What adjective can be used for a nation who is consistently fooled, recurrently deceived by the crafty politicians? Goofy? Very light! Fool? Not enough! Brainless? Yes, that is the very adjective!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan.

There is a problem and we all know the solution but no one is interested in ensuring we work towards it. I remember the early days of growing up and the kind of lies we used to give our teachers to ensure we skip the punishment. This problem has been there with us for the past 20 something years and if we are not careful it stands to continue. The man at the helm of Isiolo County appears more and more determined to hide his face away from the realities of his tenure as the second governor. The day he took office he appeared to have all the ideas of transforming this region but 3 years down the line Kuti is yet to change his tact and Isiolo sits at a staggering 44/47 in a recent performance ranking by Infotrak. Several folks around have this notion that Doyo’s regime might have been very underrated and you Doyo tried his best when you see people missing his tenure.

The more you think about what exactly Kuti has done the more you realize how much we have wasted the years. Kuti has been sitting on billions of money since being elected and all he has is a list of superfluous projects that will take forever to end as thousands of residents are still unable to get basic needs. The man who assured Isiolo people that water problems will be resolved within 90 days of his administration is yet to provide safe and clean water to even those within the township let alone those in the rural areas. Isiolo is in a total mess and things look worse since he took office, there is absolutely nothing that seems to be working and the Governor is not bothered. It is either Kuti has no idea of how to run a serious government or he is determined to ensure Isiolo people do not reap the fruits of devolution.

In his manifesto he narrowed down his agenda to only four critical issues; Water, agriculture, Infrastructure and Health. The document was well researched and written but it was only as useful as the paper it was written on, he threw it out of the window immediately he got elected. Taps have run dry in several homes, agriculture appears like a mirage as no single support is being given to those struggling farmers and infrastructure looks so pathetic. Comparing his tenure with the document it seems like it was another comical piece of writing to make the crowd sing his praises loudly. His recent rant at his executive is just another PR stint from a crafty man desperately struggling to shift blames far away from himself. He is so sure his ship is sinking but he wants to make it look like he has absolutely nothing to do with it. The score card of this regime will be on him and he will carry on his shoulder the cries of the orphans and the poor residents who have been forgotten as only a few people get rich.

Deplorable Health Sector

The cries from all corners are about the state of the health sector for a man who has been a medical doctor all his life. Isiolo County Referral Hospital is in the worst state with no ICU facility, no lab, and a demoralized workforce who have gone months without salary. Each new day we wake up to news about patients dying as they are being transferred to other hospitals that have better facilities in other Counties. This is despite the health docket receiving the highest allocation each financial year and as one old man said, “We are on our own.” Kuti’s greatest legacy would have been to ensure the health sector in Isiolo is World Class but Isiolo people will remember him as the longest-serving failure. It’s one thing to be in politics for long and another to transform people’s lives however, Kuti seems to thrive in proving that he can contest and win elections even without transforming people’s lives.

The Covid situation has made it worse for his administration and the lies have finally come back to haunt him. The man seems to thrive in running a series of propaganda about what he has done instead of letting his development record speak for itself. Kuti is not a transformative leader and he seems to be good at disappearing but the position he occupies has just made it hard for him to run away from delivering.

Governor Kuti is slowly resurfacing after three years of hibernation and unfulfilled promises. Kuti is now shouting at the top of his voice trying to insinuate that he is committed to delivering for the people of Isiolo however, Kuti is allergic to development. His rant when he met his CECs appeared to me like the tactics of a man who wants to be applauded for doing absolutely nothing. The threats of sacking people who have not even been running their dockets are so flimsy that it makes him look like one clueless and delusional leader. Several CECs have resigned and others have complained of difficult working conditions due to external interference from the Governor and his cartels. No procedure is followed in awarding tenders as the Governor decides who in his list of cartels gets what, jobs are given to undeserving individuals as those qualified are locked out. He is running a demoralized government, full of cheap PR stunts and a series of thuggery.