Hon. Sofia Abdinoor, Ijara Member of Parliament

Hon. Sofia Abdinoor, Ijara Member of Parliament

By Ahmed Deen,
In a continuation of our #peopleaskingquestions, today we bring you the constituents of Ijara who are posing serious and critical questions to Hon Sofia Abdinoor, the Member of Parliament for Ijara. The constituents demand honest answers and genuine engagement from their legislator and from the government through her as their servant representative. 

1. You’ve spent a whole lifetime calculating and scheming over how to become a  leader in Ijara, Now that you have the mantle, what have you really done differently to all your male predecessors? 

2. Other than rewarding a handful of bag carriers,  campaign surrogates, and loyalists, how has the general public benefited from your leadership? 
For instance, any apprentice workshops in Ijara? Any landmark infrastructural achievements? Any new social amenities you’ve established? 
3. Ijara is a soft target for Alshabaab operations with terrorists confidently running amok in our main heartland  (Sangailu,  Hulugho, Ijara) destroying communications and disrupting health and education services. We know security is a national government function and as the elected legislator for the Ijara you have a cardinal role and responsibility to ensure those responsible for the safety and security of your constituents do their work diligently.
What grass-root effort have you initiated to galvanize both public and security apparatus on the need for a joint concerted, multidisciplinary approach to combat terrorism? 
4. Why didn’t you push back against discriminatory KWS wildlife compensation schemes that prioritize the lives of new victims over those of yester-years, given that your constituency leads in human-animal conflict with scores silently nursing first degree injuries sustained over the past years?
5. It’s 2020 and we’re still saddled with Jid xiran after slight seasonal rains, why?
Why can’t we bid goodbye to Jid xiran (impassable roads) like our brothers from the North who are enjoying the conveniences of tarmacked roads from Garissa to Modogashe?

6. You boast of a long civic and humanitarian career spanning over two decades and a longstanding friendship with major international donors yet in Ijara, people are still consuming contaminated water from Biya Cade!  What’s stopping you from using your vast civic and diplomatic networks to install clean piped water in Ijara?

7. You pride yourself in fighting for women’s rights, what have you done to uplift the status of women in your constituency?
Any female you’re mentoring and grooming for leadership? Any you have helped scale down socio-political barriers to leadership positions? In short, what are you doing to ensure other women reach your position and influence?

8. Critics accuse you of playing pork-barrel politics – concentrating resources around the needs of your immediate sub-clan to the exclusion of others – why if this true are you keen on widening the inequality gap in Ijara?

9. In less than two years  In shaa Allah, we’re going back to the ballot box. How many of your post and pre-campaign pledges on youth empowerment, job creation, security, and infrastructure have you fulfilled? 
Mr. Deen is a political observer.

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