Garissa Governor H.E. Ali Korane

Garissa Governor H.E. Ali Korane

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Questions on the lips and minds of everyone in Garissa for the Governor.
By Ahmed Deen,
We have chronicled here some of the most important questions the people of Garissa are asking  about their governor,  albeit in a hushed, muffled voices in the privacy of their homes and others in the streets

1. Where is the 2000km tarmac you promised us? Oh, we know! The Majority Leader eats it, I mean he blocked the funding and put obstructions on your way, right? What about the Mathenge power plant and the 2000 acres of irrigation in Ijara land, the NYS jobs? 
It was all a pipedream aimed at making the present tolerable and the future worth waiting for wasn’t it?

2. What’s happening with the only two visible makers of development associated with your administration  ( the county headquarters and the afya center) they’ve taken longer to complete than it has taken to finish   Burj Khalifa and  Taj Mahal combined! Why? 
Is it because your administration is broke and unable to pay the contractors?
Is it because you’ve emptied the county coffers with recurrent expenditureS and have nothing left to do the finishing bits? 

3. Soon after you took office,  you vowed to fix the water shortage within 100 days. 3 years after you made this promise why are we still paying for water bowsers in Baashal,  Tawakal,  Sambul, Saagarai, and upper Mzuri?  You don’t know how to honor your word, do you? 

4. What do you know about the attempted assassination of Idriss Aden? Everyone you speak to in Gsa thinks you didn’t pull the trigger but believe you and your brother had a role in this saga. Why can’t you stop burying your head in the sand and clear your conscience on this issue? 
5. The last financial year, you scapegoated the ML and claimed he was the reason you were not performing well, now that there’s a handshake in place what’s stopping you from performing wonders? 6. Your critics argue that you’ve turned the county into a family kiosk where Cecs, board chairs, and other executives are reduced to ceremonial tokenized puppets answerable to the dreaded unofficial CEO of the county Mr. Mohamed Bunow. Are you presiding over a kleptocracy? 
7. There are allegations from your critics who argue that Noordin Haji is shielding you from the EACC probe and they point to the fact that the 30-day corruption investigation report ordered by the IG hasn’t seen the light of day.  Are you being protected from the law by the DPP or even by his dad, the Senator?
8. Why did you retrench 2000 workers under the pretext of a lean wage bill when your administration has ballooned the wage bill by more than 100%?

9. Come 2022 inshallah, if the public decides to slap your face with a p45  ( vote you out ) would you quietly slip back to obscurity or would you cling to power like a true African dictator who tested power?
10. How are you getting along with the  DG? If you are Waititued he is the man who will run the county and how you too get on together is important. Where is the office you said you’ll build him in Masalani? I mean it is one thing to lie to the electorates but even pulling the wool over your own running mate’s eyes?
Deen is a Political Observer
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