County  Loses 50 Million to Speaker, Clerk and Cohort.

County Loses 50 Million to Speaker, Clerk and Cohort.

NFD Dispatch has seen a confidential document detailing embezzlement of funds currently underway at the County Assembly of Isiolo allegedly orchestrated by the County Speaker and the Clerk to the Assembly. The County Speaker Mr. Hussein Golicha has for a long time been on the limelight as the County Assembly continues to wallow in unprecedented theft. According to this confidential document, the speaker and the Clerk have for the past 2 years been siphoning funds from the public coffers to their private accounts and those of their close confidants. According to our source more than Kshs. 50 Million has been lost in unscrupulous deals, illegal Daily Subsistence Allowances and non-existent imprest payments. Procurement procedures are not followed as contracts are awarded to companies linked to both Speaker Hussein Roba and Clerk Salad Boru. The web is so tight that even staff at the Speaker’s office are used to stealing public funds to enrich their boss.
The clerk of the Assembly who is also the accounting officer received a total of Kshs. 8,651,250 in Daily Subsistence Allowances during the Financial year 2018/2019. This means the clerk has been receiving Kshs. 23,702 per day for a whole year, an illegality and open theft of public funds. The daily subsistence is paid if an officer has travelled out of the office on an official duty, therefore this means the Clerk has been out of the office for a whole 12 months. His counterpart, the speaker Mr. Hussein Roba also received a total of Kshs. 4,995,320 in daily subsistence allowance. In the same Financial Year his aides both the driver and bodyguard received imprest totaling Kshs. 4,205,500 believed to be going directly to the Speaker.
The Assembly also has an account at Equity Bank for Operations and Maintenance which the Assembly uses to pay for utility bills and other sundry expenses. Estimates indicate the County Assembly only needs about Kshs. 2.4 Million for operations and maintenance. However, according to the documents in our possession about Kshs. 70 Million was transferred to the said account during the FY 2018/2019, the speaker and the clerk then made payments to companies directly linked to them for provision of unknown services. According to our source, a cheque was drawn in favor of a brother to the clerk allegedly being payment for delivery of livestock. The two are alleged to have invested the money in real estates in Isiolo, Mombasa and Nairobi and they have accumulated so much wealth through dodgy means.   
The issues at the Assembly are not new as serious concerns were raised by the Auditor General during the FY 2017/18. The Auditor General noted a lack of clear documentation on the Assembly’s projects as well as diversion of funds into white elephant constructions which were nowhere in the ground. For instance, during the said financial year Kshs. 9,630,000 was set aside for fencing of MCAs offices however, after verification none of the offices had been fenced despite money being released. The County Assembly in the same year had spent Kshs. 388,553,640 on recurrent expenditure and a mere Kshs. 157,413,932 on development. The huge sum of money being spent on recurrent expenditure is shocking considering the fact that the Assembly is small with few members and stuff.
The Auditor General noted in his report that the County Assembly has never published and publicized the contracts awarded. Businesses are closing and people are suffering. These contracts are being dished out to a few cohorts with impunity. The County is in grave financial crisis and economic downturn as a result of the wanton looting observed the document. The filth at the Assembly is worrying knowing too well that it is the first stop for oversight.