“No land will be taken by KDF, ” vows the Senate Lands Committee.

“No land will be taken by KDF, ” vows the Senate Lands Committee.

The Senate committee on Lands, Environment and Natural resources visited Isiolo County on Friday in a bid to investigate alleged encroachment of community land by the Kenya Defense Force. Their visit comes in the wake of a 30 day eviction notice given by the Kenya Defense Force to residents of Burat ward to vacate their land.

The residents earlier on filed a petition against the KDF through Isiolo County Senator Fatuma Dullo with the hope that the Senate will fast track the problem and stop the KDF from encroaching on their land. KDF has come under serious criticism following their use of force and harassment to innocent civilians.

The residents of the affected areas have vowed not to move an inch from their homes. Senator Dullo has insisted that no single piece of Isiolo land will be taken up by the Kenya Defense Force. “As long as I remain your elected representative I assure you that the KDF will have to remain within their fenced camps and no single person will lose even an inch of their land,” said the Senator.

The committee which is led by Senator Mwangi Githiomi has assured the residents that the committee will handle the issue as a matter of urgency and will immediately embark on a bid to halt the illegal eviction notice. KDF has set up several camps in Isiolo County close to residents putting a great risk to them.