Mohamed Haji
In a shock video leak Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, is heard telling Kitui Kambas to ”take arms and kill Somalis living in the county and their camels”. In a shameful naked attack, the Governor is heard saying that she will train and buy guns for the youth to ”deal with the Somali”. The Governor asked the youth to use bows and arrows to kill the Somalis and their camels. The reason for the attack is not yet clear but Somalis living in Ukambani have severally borne the brunt of a hostile Kamba community. In one incident 100 camels were shot by thugs aided by police service officers. In another incident injuries and even death has been visited upon this pastoralist community by denizens of Ukambani. It was just a year ago when a member of parliament was seen harassing a young Somali nomad for simply grazing his sheep in this part of Kenya.
Governor Ngilu must be arrested on grounds of inciting the community. The Somalis living in Ukambani are mainly pastrolist and have been living in Ukambani as long as time itself. As Kenyans and in the spirit of free movement of people, Somalis have a right to live anywhere they so wish in the country just like Kambas live and work in many parts of the country. From the city I come from, Habaswein,there are more than 500 Kambas living and working and we welcome them as much as they have the right to live and work anywhere they want in Kenya. Kambas live in every nook and cranny of North Eastern Kenya and it will be a great disservice to these Kambas for Ngilu to incite them against their fellow Kenyans as it will curtail their free movement and may have an adverse impact on their livelihoods.
For Charity Ngilu to shamelessly ignore that fact and blatantly disregard the law is an indictment of the thinking that informs many of our leaders. The toothless and neutered NCIC will not take any meaningful action against her as it did not many others including the airbag Gatundu South member of Parliament, Moses Kuria, who was on police radar severally. Maybe Governor Ngilu knows this when she says she does not care if her conversation becomes public. Why are taxpayers expending millions on a toothless commission like the NCIC when we know it does not have the political will to deal with powerful criminals who incite communities against each other?
It is interesting to observe the political trajectory of Ms Ngilu. When she was sacked as Cabinet Secretary by the President after she appeared on the so-called list of shame for corruption, she went on to contest for the Kitui Gubernatorial seat. The IEBC cleared her even when a cloud of doubt was hanging over her. It was an indictment on the love of virtue of our institutions. While chapter 6 on Leadership and Integrity is a mockery, Ngilu could not be cleared on moral grounds to contest for the Kitui seat and go on to claim that she has the money to buy guns for the youth of Kitui to kill Somalis and their camels living in the county. This is Kenyans’ money not Kitui’s money.
Governor Ngilu should be held responsible for the death of any Somali and any camel in Kitui. Kenyans should ask her to resign and charged with incitement and subsequently mass murder.