Internet Users In Kenya Most Careless, Says New Report

Internet Users In Kenya Most Careless, Says New Report

A new global survey carried out by a UN agency has ranked Kenyans as the most careless internet users in the world. According to the report only 4 out of 10 internet users in Kenya care about safety of their data and their privacy online, this is the lowest in the World.

“While there appears to be increasing concerns about data privacy and online security around the world, there is somewhat a ‘data privacy paradox’, as users continue to give away personal data and thus their privacy in exchange for different services,” the UNCTAD Digital Economy report states. 

“The lowest level of concern was noted in Kenya at 44 percent.”

Kenya lacks data protection law which makes internet users vulnerable to their information getting into the wrong hands. In many instances internet users in Kenya are quick to give away their privacy details without asking how it will be used. The recent huduma number was a good example of how easily private data is collected and