Second CEC Resigns Citing Frustrations By The Governor

Isiolo County’s CEC Lands Physical Planning and Roads has allegedly submitted his resignation letter to the Governor. According to reports from reliable sources Mr. Mohamed Ali Sime has been complaining of frustrations and difficult working conditions from the County and specifically the Governor. Mr. Sime is believed to have raised his concerns to the Governor and nothing seems to have changed which prompted him to resign. In his letter the CEC has accused the County boss of making it hard for him to perform his duties as even his budget has been reduced to only cater for recurrent expenditures.

Mr. Sime’s resignation is the second one after CEC Finance Mr. Thiribi left Governor Kuti’s government accusing the Governor of micromanaging the County. In the last few weeks the Deputy Governor has been airing his frustrations at the way the Governor is running the County without transparency and accountability. Their are reports that CECs are frustrated and others are also contemplating on resigning as they have no control of their respective dockets.