A certain man came to the Messenger (PBUH) and asked: ” Who is most worthy of my close companionship?” He answered: ”Your mother,”. The man asked Who next. He answered ”your mother,” and the man asked who next? He answered ”Your mother” and the man asked who next. He answered ”Yourt father’.’
Filial gratitude, care and respect for one’s parents are marks of faith. Both the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet, as shown here, stress this duty. the mother, being the bearer, the first carer and the instructor of the child, is accorded the highest rank in the family life.
The Prophet Pbuh said ”Each of you is a carer and rersponsible for those under their care. A man is a carer for his family and responsible for those under his care. A woman is a carer in her husband’s home, and responsible for those under her care”
The family is the school and the kernel of society. Both thrive or fail according to whether individual members observe or neglect the mutual responsibility and care for each other. Here the Prophet urges believers to be conscious of the duty that members of the community owe to each other. As in all aspects of life, Islam teaches justice and balance, and human rights are balanced with human obligations within the family and within society at large.
The prophet said ”Let those who believe in Allah and the Day of Judgement keep close ties with their kin”
family and kin are the primry constituents of the human community. The sentiments of love and kindness are first acquired at one’s home and among one’s relations. To keep close ties with one’s family and blodd relations is to acknowledge gratitude to Allah who created these bonds and instilled the instincts of love and kindness.