KDF Torture of Civilians Must Stop Say Garissa MCAs and Human Rights Activists

KDF Torture of Civilians Must Stop Say Garissa MCAs and Human Rights Activists

Garissa County MCAs have today condemned the “indiscriminate and continued torture” of Civilians by Garissa based KDF personnel after another civilian was abducted and tortured. Speaking to the media after Issa Abdi, a civilian,was abducted from Sangailu by the KDF where they allegedly tortured him causing grave bodily harm. Mr Abdi who the MCAs say is now unable to walk or talk was driven and dropped at a neighbour’s house only after residents threatened to protest outside the KDF camp.

Narrating the story, Sangailu ward MCA Abdullahi Mohamed said he contacted KDF authorities after residents raised concerns of the disappearance of Mr Abdi but the KDF denied knowledge of holding Mr Abdi only releasing him at 8pm. The MCA said the KDF head called him after 8pm informing him of the release of Mr Abdi.

The MCAs have called for the closure of the camp that they said targets for torture innocent civilians herding their animals. Nominated MCA Fatuma Shide expressed shock at the grave bodily harm visited on Mr Abdi. ” I am shocked by what KDF has done and cannot imagine what more they could visit on the victim if he were a female” said Fatuma. ” we ask for the immediate relocation of the kdfs and closure of the camp reminding the president who is the commander-in-chief that its civilians like Mr Abdi who voted for him. She said its shame and acceptable that the kdf do not differentiate between Somalia based terror group alshabab and Kenyans living in Garissa county.

Ijara ward MCA Irshad Hillow called for unconditional apology from the kdf and closure of the camp terming it inhuman. The MCAs said the actions of the KDF is alienating residents and called upon the KDF officers to instead look at the innocent civilians as assets against terror and not as enemies.

There has been concerns over the alarming increase of the torture and disappearing of Civilians by security forces including the Kenya Police services who were recently in the spotlight over the torture of citizens in Bura of Fafi Constituency and other places.



Human rights groups in the county have called for the extrajudicial killings and Disapperances of civilians by KDF to cease. During the month of ramadhan at an Iftar dinner hosted by Jamia mosque for the president, Muslims asked Uhuru Kenyatta to help stem out the rampant extrajudicial killings and disappearances of Civilians by the security forces.