Isiolo-Wajir-Mandera Road Construction to Begin Next Year Says World Bank

Isiolo-Wajir-Mandera Road Construction to Begin Next Year Says World Bank

FCDC Governors led by Isiolo Governor Dr Mohamed Abdi Kuti today met with Kenys National Highway Authority (Kenha) and representatives from the World bank to deliberate on the construction of the Isiolo -Wajir Road that is to start from the 77km Kulamawe – Modogashe road through to Wajir-Kutulo -Elwak road.

The First phase expected to cost Kshs.100 million is sponsored by world bank and is expected to begin next according to today’s meeting.

Fibre optic internet connections to boost the socio-economic growth of the region will be installed alongside the road construction says a report by the sponsor. This will be the largest project of its kind in the region that has lagged behind in sectors of the economy.

FCDC governors have asked the World Bank to fast track the project completion as the region has suffered economic and political marginalization for more than 100 years.

Governor Kuti who hosted the event said that he used to travel by lorry from Isiolo to Garbatula during his school days and the relatively short journey was unpleasnt because of the dire state of the roads.

The governors said security of the region will improve and assured the contractors of their safety during the live of the project.

They decried the bureaucracy and red tapes that delay and eventually kill big projects in the region asking the President to put pressure on the contractors and all other stakeholders so as to secure his legacy.

Residents who spoke to NFD DISPATCH expressed concerns about the time its taking for the World Bank and the national government to begin the project that was initiated some 4 years ago.

Present were the FCDC counties governors including the Chair Ali Roba, the FCDC CEO Mohamed Guled and representatives from the World Bank and Kenha.

The project is expected to start early next year after procurement process is completed by Kenha.