Korane Under Pressure as  his Deputy Threatens to Bolt Out

Korane Under Pressure as his Deputy Threatens to Bolt Out

Garissa Governor Ali Korane is under pressure as his Deputy Abdi Dagane complains of unilateral decisions and lack of consultations that he says is leading to “unfulfilled promises and delaying of development programs”. Mr Dagane complains that the governor has not honoured Memoradum of understanding and he is not recognized as the deputy chief of the county. In a statement he released after meeting his section of the coalition, he said while he will be calling for a series of meetings with the Samawadal section, they have unanimously agreed that the governor has not honoured the pre-election agreements.

“We need to go back to the drawing board since 22 months down the line we still have lots of unfulfilled promises and either few or nothing tangible to showcase.

Am forced to pen down this statement after enduring for more than 22 Months with a government that I am part of but with less authority as agreed in the coalition . As a principal assistant and the most senior county official from the samawadal community, I would not bargain with anybody for the rights of my people and the programs that they’re entitled to.

I have met with the elders of the Sama community at my residence to chat the way forward and where I am placed in this government which has continuously ignored to respect the rights of one of the coalition partners. I am also planning to have a series of meetings with the entire Sama fraternity so that I clearly expound to them how far we have gone, why we are where we are and draw a clear map envisioned with better goals.

Lots of anomalies and lack of due considerations and consultations are among the key issues that my boss should address for an effective leadership that is endowed with the blessings of the electorates.

Finally, it’s time to reevaluate the gains as equal partner in the coalition that yielded the much anticipated victory in the august polls”

The DG has been conspicuously absent from many of the project the Governor has been launching leaving tongues wagging that he has been sidelined and not consulted. Critics of Governor Korane mostly accuse him of dictatorial tendencies and unilateral decision making. They claim that his government is one managed and controlled by his close family. The Governor has been at loggerheads with the Garissa Town MP who is the Majority Leader over the last months and it will be a big blow if he loses his Deputy or their rift escalates at a time he is taking considerable political capital to contain the Majority Leader.

A section of MCAs came out against the statement by the Deputy governor terming it personal sentiments by him and not a representative of their section. They said the selft interest of a few should not supersede the larger interest of the Samawadal community. The 3 MCAs for Ijara, Sangailu and Hulugho said it was only 14 days ago that the deputy governor called for a meeting of the Samawadal section of the coalition where they agreed to support the Governor and his government. ” We are not aware of any problems that existed for 22 months the DG is talking about as we have worked well with the Governor” said Sangailu MCA.