Has Somalia Extradited Another Legend to Arch Enemy Ethiopia?

Has Somalia Extradited Another Legend to Arch Enemy Ethiopia?

There is word reaching our studio that the Somali legend who passed on yesterday in Addis Ababa has been taken to the Ethiopia capital without his consent. The Somalia cultural icon and gifted poet who was a freedom fighter all his life has been taken to Addis Ababa after his treatment in Saudi Arabia has not helped. The Poet was taken taken to Addis Ababa instead of flying him to Mogadishu where he lived with his family.

Abwaan Mohamud Abdullahi Isse Singub has left been a profligate play writer whose plays mainly focused on justice and human rights. He has always asked NOT to be taken to Ethiopia in the event he becomes incapacitated and it has shocked many friends when it was said that the legend was taken to Addis Ababa for treatment after he returned from Umrah from Makkah..

The government of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is under intense pressure to clarify if the Abwaan was taken to Ethiopia without his consent. This comes a year after the government’s credibility suffered considerably when it has extradited the ONLF freedom fighter Abdikarin Sheikh Muse (Qalbi Dhagax). The freedom fighter’s extradition, who has since been released after the leadership change in Ethiopia, has caused considerable damage to the credibility of President Farmajo’s government. The current confusing news that Abwaan Singub has suffered the same fate as Qalbi Dhagax will be devastating to the unity of Somalia and the already precarious political success of President Farmajo’s government.

Somalis are asking for State Burial of the Poet in Somalia capital Mogadishu.