Northern Hits and Misses

Northern Hits and Misses

Is the national government using too much stick and less carrot on Mandera, its local government and people following the kidnapping of the Cuban doctors? H&M has it said that clan politics is to blame for the kidnap and Alshabaab was used as a cover? Is a clan using what some call manufactured insecurity to force the hand of the Interior ministry to effect changes in the Provisional administration leadership? Hits and Misses had it said that the national government is not budging and the citizens are paying the price.


Is a Governor from NEP on the receiving end from the national government because of the 2022 succession battle? The Governor has been alleged to be paying one leading 2022 presidential candidate shillings 40 Million a month! from the County coffers to help oil the campaign. Now that the said candidate is thought to be out of favour by the powers-that-be, is the Governor coerced to abandon him and stop the alleged payment? EACC is on his neck and all his administration’s appointment has been ordered redone. The Governor has been bitterly complaining about internal security targeting his county. Could this be a smokescreen? You know you can not just spend public money when and as you deem and then expect to live happy ever after says Hits and Misses.