Northern Hits and Misses

Northern Hits and Misses

Has a politician from the North turned more generous or he has more cash than he can spend before the CBK’s 1st October new currency deadline? Hits and Misses has it said that more Prados were seen carrying suspected bags of cash to a destination unknown since the Madaraka Day Presidential directive.


Has a first term legislator become a money laundering agent for people with loads of cash? Hits and Misses has it said that the legislator is opening new mega businesses by the day, income from his salary and other legal businesses cannot justify. He has been under EACC radar for overnight wealth it is said. Lifestyle Audit is long overdue some say. Okonwo’s gun that never fires others retort.


Is a legislator under the pay of the controversial Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT)? Hits and Misses had it said that the legislator is at the beck and call of the much maligned Conservancy organization. Despite strong protestation from the legislator who has been a vocal lands rights advocate according to the Hansard records, people are not budging. Some say nothing short of strong public denunciation of NRT will safe the legislator’s skin and a future stab at an elective post.