“Police beat us” say Galmagala Reservists.

“Police beat us” say Galmagala Reservists.

Local Kenya Police Reservist deployed in Galmagala division of Fafi Constituency, Garissa County have raised concerns on police brutality. Residents who have spoken on behalf of the Police Reserves deployed to maintain peace in the locality said the regular police often beat up the reservist and illegally confiscate their guns. The area MCA who spoke to a section of the media said reservist who were on a patrol have been tortured and their guns taken away.” 4 KPR personnel who were beaten by the police are still nursing serious injuries and their guns are missing” said the local leader.

The residents also complain that the reserves do not have any identification document that identifies them as KPR, have not been provided with uniform and their salaries not paid. ” The personnel have nothing to identify them as KPR, a ploy used by the police to treat them as the enemy and beat them up” said the locals. They said the reserves are not provided enough arms to protect the residents and maintain the peace and asked the government and the leaders to urgently address their plight.

KPR is a civilian contigent deployed in the counties of the NFD to help fight local conflicts. Security experts say this is a failure on the part of the national security agencies constitutionally mandated to protect the lives and properties of its citizens .

KPR presence has enhanced peace in the localities according to the local residents.

Police brutality in Fafi constituency has been raised very often by the locals and incidences of assaults by the local security actors reported. According to the locals this illegal actions has not been addressed and the security agencies “continue their illegality with impunity”