Gedi Goes For Stay Order After Removal Vote

Gedi Goes For Stay Order After Removal Vote

Few weeks after Wajir County Assembly Members voted to remove the Agriculture and Livestock CEC, Mr Yusuf Abdi Gedi and instructed the Governor to initiate his removal from office and the appointment of a replacement, Mr Gedi moved to court and declared the move unconstitutional. Lawyer Mansur Issa on behalf of the CEC said that despite the impeachment and removal of CECs by the assembly been ”quasi-judicial’ the defendant has not been given the opportunity to defend himself and public participation as required by Artcle 196(1) of the Constitution has not been conducted.




Late last month when Mr Gedi’s impeachement motion was initiated by the Habaswein Ward MCA who is also the Chairman of the Agriculture, Livestock and fisheries Select Committee, the assembly summoned the CEC and the Select Committee deliberated on his case against removal. The matter was put to vote and the house voted to remove Mr Gedi from office instructing the Governor to institute the resolution within 7 days. There is no indication the Governor has acted on it. Critics of the administration said this is a ”government of stay order” accusing the governor of working behind the scenes to unconstitutionally safe his CEC for Agriculture by failing to act on the recommendations of the House.