Garissa Governor Calls for Unity as he announces the Construction of  A Fruit Processing Factory

Garissa Governor Calls for Unity as he announces the Construction of A Fruit Processing Factory

The Governor of Garissa has announced the construction of a fruit processing factory in Raya Location to benefit Garissa farmers. The Governor who was speaking during the Iddul Fitr celebration to mark the completion of the blessed month of Ramadan said the factory will help expand market for local farmers.He said he will be constructing a Shillings 100 million processing factory in Raya to begin this month. He said he is disappointed the construction of the Abattoir has been delayed because there were ”no applications from contractors”. This was a setback as only ”one contractor has applied for the tender and it could not go through because of procurement requirement”, he said. ”We have a lot of falsehood that only designated contractors will be awarded the contracts and we urge all those who have the qualifications and expertise to apply for the tenders” said Korane.
He said the water shortages which his government continues to address has been politicized and accused some leaders of sabotaging his government’s office to address the shortages. He said Water reserve tanks will be provided and boreholes dug to address our water challenges. Korane said there are people sabotaging water supply and politicizing the shortages which he said his administration is on course to deal with. ”We shall resolve 80% of our water shortages in the east that is experiencing supply challenges” said the Governor. Korane said in the next week his administration will resolve the water supply challenges in the East of the Town.
The Governor announced the second phase of a Cancer Treatment Center worth 256 Million Shillings is under construction and his administration will build the 3rd phase that is expected to cost shillings 200 Million to serve cancer victims who may have traveled to , Nairobi, India and other places which will save on cost and other inconveniences.
Korane said his administration will invest Shillings 233 Million in the expansion of the roads network and town cleaning programmes. The Governor urged the youth to benefit from his administration’s WiFi services pledging to build an ICT center for the youth. He urged the youth to make a good use of the WiFi services his government is providing and stay away from ”unhelpful social media negative campaigns and propaganda”
The Governor said his government has succeeded in the spirit of peaceful coexistence and reduced conflicts. His administration will ensure that non of its residents die in clan conflict. ”We have lost 28 lives in the Kukumata conflict of 2017 but since my administration has come to power we have not seen any conflicts between our people and I will ensure it does not happen under my watch” said Korane. The Governor continued that the drought that has just ended has seen the people of Garissa coexist peace fully sharing the commons in brotherhood. He said the County Government’s water boozing exercises has reduced signifying the peaceful coexistent.
Some of the residents we spoke to welcomed all the development the governor announced but pointed out that there is no adequate information and awareness on the tenders. Critics claimed that many local people who would have otherwise benefited from these tenders are not aware of where and when they were advertised. ”Where are all these mega projects the Governor is talking about? When have the tenders been advertised and who are those who have been awarded the tenders?” asked a pundit who asked not to be named.