Biliqo Bulesa Residents Protest Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) Food Donation

Biliqo Bulesa Residents Protest Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) Food Donation

By Najar Munyinyi

In a stunning move of solidarity, the residents of Biliqo Bulesa have refused food handouts from NRT the community has been at loggerheads with for some time. “When will NRT and politicians in support of its destruction of communities understand, that Get out of Isiolo means GET OUT?” protested one local.
NRT is spoiling for a fight by remaining on land that does not belong to them. The council of Elders and local MPs stated clearly that NRT are trespassing. NRT did not listen and are today shamelessly distributing food unfit for human consumption to the people whose land its occupying.
The food packs have gone round the community of Biliqo Bulesa, but nobody has accepted to receive any of it as the community views it an insult added to the damaging injury already occasioned by NRT and its land-grabbing policy. The food packs lie in the compound of the former MCA Hon. Gollo Baridi in Bulesa.
A resident, Isack Wako said, “Conservancies are conducting Sterilization through foods to indigenous community across the world, they shoot locals on sight or kill the unwanted as they call it. It’s  part of their policy and was fully investigated and reported by Survival international recently, we say no to this pig referring to the head of NRT Mr Ian Craig. He must explain the  killings of our people”. Recent investigations have revealed a death toll of over 70 Residents at the hands of NRT Rangers, the most recent being an old Mzee who was shot dead at the Koru Springs.

The message to NRT from Biliqo Bulesa Community (BBC) is clear – “..when people say NO,  they are DONE. The community has advised NRT and its leader Ian Craig to pick up his poison and eat it himself or give it to those guests who pay thousands of dollars for a night in Lewa. Do this on your way out of Isiolo.”

Najar is an Indigenous Rights and Community Land activist and a member of Errant Natives.