AlMuhdar: A Symbol of Disunity

AlMuhdar: A Symbol of Disunity

In Islam one of the most important principle in any deliberation is the Unity of the Ummah. Islam has placed a premium on the unity of its followers. Everything else is subservient to the unity of the Ummah. The responsibility of initiating, guarding and maintaining Unity lies more with the leaders.Our holy Prophet PBUH has compared the Muslim community with human body. All the Muslims are like one body. When a single part of the human body is in pain the rest of the body feels. The stress that has been laid upon unity among Muslims makes it compulsory for all the Muslims to respect and care about the wellbeing of their Muslims brothers.

It is with profound concern that the chief Khadi has come to symbolise disunity and seen by majority of the faithful as an individual who works contrary to the interest and benefit of those whose office he holds in trust. Every end of the most blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims, who should otherwise break their fast in unity and peace are thrown into disarray by the Chief Khadi’s contrary announcement.

In the last Ramadan, some leaders led by Aden Duale and Najib Balala called for the formation of Grand Mufti’s Office to preside over the moon sighting role so that the Muslims can fast and break in unity upon the sighting of the moon as the Chief Khadi concentrates on matters inheritance and divorce. This valid talk was not walked. Sadly, the Muslims find themselves in the same situation as last year and even though few will be fasting tomorrow in accordance with the chief khadi’s directive, still his rush announcement damages the much sort unity. The Chief Khadi is in the minority and while its impermissible for Muslim faithfuls to fast tomorrow according to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, it disheartens that he continues to bring the office of the chief Khadi into disrepute by politicizing a very important pillar of Islam. He appears to be of the view that the moon of shawal or ramadan cannot be sighted anywhere else other Mombasa. This is a danger to the unity of the Ummah and an extreme misinterpretation of the moon sighting principles laid down by Islam.

It is our view that the individual occupying the office is ill qualified and should resign from office for the sake of the Ummah’s unity.

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