Northern Hits and Misses…..

Northern Hits and Misses…..

Is a Constituency MP from Wajir missing? Streets are awash with the absence of the legislator from the area after a section of the electorate claimed that since the 2017 elections the MP is yet to launch any project. As almost all constituency MPs launched their CDF projects in the constituency, they say the MP is yet to launch any as 2 years lapse.


Has a top senior legislator from North Eastern Kenya snitched on a fellow MP to the media? Word had it said that he engineered the tribulations of his colleague after they publicly clashed. The colleague who is wanted by the US for alleged tax fraud is said to be a frustrated man after the story has leaked to the media.


Is a woman MP from Northern Kenya under county capture ask concerned residents. It had it said the legislator is captured by a Governor through contracting her cars. Word has it the focal woman MP has been silent on the county’s ongoing for a long time and has been found to enjoy good relationship with the County boss. Hits and Misses heard it said that a vehicle hired at above the market rate has silenced her.