Stop Snitching On Worshipers Says Scholar after a fight in a Kapsabet Mosque

Stop Snitching On Worshipers Says Scholar after a fight in a Kapsabet Mosque


An Islamic scholar has asked Muslim faithfuls to stop snitching on each other after chaos broke out inside a mosque in Kapsabet in Nandi County when a cleric engaged in a fist fight with a worshiper on Wednesday evening.

Others worshiper at the Kapsabet Jamia Mosque scampered for safety before police officers intervened to stop the scuffle.

The cleric was said to have engaged in a heated exchange with the worshiper before punches were thrown during the evening prayers.

Witnesses said the worshiper confronted the Sheikh over a letter he (cleric) had written to the police claiming the worshiper was a radical Muslim with connections to Al-Shabaab.


Nandi Central OCPD Stephen Wambua confirmed that the imam and the worshiper had recorded statements.

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“We have decided to carry out thorough investigations into the fight and will arraign them as soon as we complete investigations,” Mr Wambua told the Nation.

Some worshipers accused the cleric of using unprintable words against other Muslims in the mosque which they noted is anti-Islam.

The Muslims said the Holy month of Ramadhan should be free from any evil doing as it involves fasting and self-denial.

“We are supposed to observe total humility before God and incidences of chaos must be condemned with the strongest terms possible,” said Sheikh Dawood, a cleric at the mosque.