Gedi Grilled on Gross Misconduct and Misappropriation of Funds Charges

Gedi Grilled on Gross Misconduct and Misappropriation of Funds Charges

CEC in charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr Yusuf Abdi Gedi was today grilled by Wajir Assembly select committee over allegations of gross misconduct and misappropriation of funds. The CEC is accused of paying for unfinished projects and removing important ward projects from IFMIS. The CEC had a rough time at the Assembly and in his defence asked the committee to visit the sites to assess if the projects are completed or not.

“The allegations that I have removed projects from IFMIS is baseless and unsubstantiated since I have no access to it,” said the CEC. Mr Gedi said that it’s the Habaswein Mca who has been nagging him to pay for an incomplete project. Mr Gedi is also accussed of abuse of office and misusing his official car , an accusation which he denied saying the car has been in the garage for repairs and he has presented evidence for that. He pleaded with the committee to give him more time to provide evidence. The grilling is set to continue for 3 days after which it may go to a vote. The Wajir County Assembly which has conducted its first ever impeachment process has promised to put to task any County CEC found to breach laws as they carry on their duties.

The assembly which has hitherto been afflicted by lethargy occasioned by the long drawn court case against the executive and political infighting appears to be working over time to make up for lost time.

The county governor has recently won a court petition and has since been launching projects despite challenges by a section of the electorate accusing his administration of discrimination and service apathy.