Brexit Claims its Second PM as May Steps down in Tears

Brexit Claims its Second PM as May Steps down in Tears

Prime Mibistet Theresa May announces her resignation admitting that she lost the support of Members of Parliament.

The dramatic announcement came after the chair of the Tories’ backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, met her in Downing Street to demand a timetable for her departure.

Following the speech, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox tweeted: “Theresa-may has acted with dignity and honour in pursuit of what she believes to be in the national interest, the hallmark of her time in public life.”

Mrs May said she deeply regrets she could not deliver Brexit and has done everything to deliver Brexit. ” it was a matter of deep regret that she has not been able to deliver Brexit” Mrs said she has done everything within and without parliament and compromise is not a dirty word. She warned her successor not to take the party to the right which she said is not the right place for the Conservative party. A shot probably aimed at Boris Johnson, one of the leading frontrunners.

Brexit has been a miasma of resignations and death of political careers. It claimed two prime ministers and scores of Cabinet Secretaries and ministers. The Conservative party will now have to elect a new leader and has Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson as frontrunners. Mr Boris has been a rightwing controversial politician who has been accused severally of racism.