IFMIS “Impractical” Says Wajir Governor as he promises to set up an Oncology and Accident and Emergency units

IFMIS “Impractical” Says Wajir Governor as he promises to set up an Oncology and Accident and Emergency units

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud decried what he claimed is the impracticality of IFMIS, the treasury’s financial management system used to pay devolved units among other things which was introduced in 2014. The governor said it is not practical for the treasury to compel a county like Wajir to use IFMIS when power outage is common and staff knowledge to operate the system is lacking. The governor who was addressing the national assembly’s budget and appropriation committee who were in Wajir for the Public Participation and Involvement Exercise, raised concerns on the continuing rift between the national assembly and the Senate which he said causes delays in counties budget preparations and processes. He accused the treasury’ s enforced use of IFMIS to process all payment which he said is not practical for a county like Wajir which experiences constant power outage. He also said staff do not have the technical know-how to work with IFMIS. Saying the 15% devolved units allocation by the national government is very small, the Governor accussed the treasury of deducting a further shillings 9 billion from the counties budgets unprocedurally and without consultation. ” The treasury has deducted shillings 9 billion from the counties budgets without consultation and unprocedually, is the treasury more powerful than the national assembly” asked the Governor.

Addressing the audience who gathered for the public participation exercise the Governor asked the people to tell the committee about mega projects they would like the national government to prioritise in the 2019/2020 budget. He said his administration is planning to put up an oncology and Accident and Emergency Units at the Wajir referral Hospital “among other health projects planned by his government”.

In 2015 the Wajir County government signed the Medical Equipment Leasing Contract with the national government to provide Oncology services, renal units among other major health services. The county government is said to pay over shillings 200 Million to the national government to service this contract.

The Governor said the world bank is funding water and Sanitation services in the county to the tune of ” shillings 5 billion of which a billion has already been released”. A week ago the Governor together with Garissa Governor signed shillings 20Billion world BANK fund to finance water and Sanitation projects.

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