Anti-Corruption Protest Rocks Nairobi

Anti-Corruption Protest Rocks Nairobi

Hundreds of Kenyans today took to the streets to protest against corruption and what they said is “lack of political will to slay the dragon”

They said they are not happy with the direction the country is going and the biggest problem the country is facing is corruption calling upon the president to ” shun the cosmetics and tackle the scourge seriously”. They said they are tired of the corruption that has consumed the country’s education and health services saying the reason police officers live in poor housing among other social challenges is corruption.

Carrying banners with an interface of the President and the Deputy President’s face, they said they are not happy with the “cosmetic fight against corruption” by the government and want to see people beginning with big fish to be prosecuted and jailed. ” We dont want the DPP’s public relation exercise of aresting people on Fridays but want to see people in Kamiti and Industrial Area prisons” they said.

The protest was largely peaceful but there were incidences of police teargassing protesters who gathered and walked along Kimathi Street. Protesters were seen hugging the stature of the Mau Mau freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi who was murdered by the colonialist.

Some who we spoke to on the sidelines said they are isappointed with the corruption, ineptitude of the Jubilee government and level of unemployment in the country. Last week an economic report claimed that the economy is growing at a healthy 6%, a figure that shocked many people including prominent economists who claimed that the growth figure quoted and the rate of unemployment and inflation do not add up. They said this is ” an elite economic growth” that does not reflect the lives of majority of Kenyans.