“DP should not Trust Duale” Says Garissa Governor

“DP should not Trust Duale” Says Garissa Governor

In a hard hitting press conference, the Garissa County Governor Ali Korane warned the Deputy President against what he called the dishonesty and disloyal tendencies of the Majority Leader who is also the Garissa township MP Aden Duale.

The governor who was speaking to the press a day after the Majority Leader spoke of what he said was the social life of the governor, Korane said he does not like in personalizing issues and ” will not like to engage my friend in personal issues”. The governor said that Duale has been speaking to Junet of ODM to plead with Odinga on his behalf and mend fences. The governor said the Majority Leader was also sending feelers to Maina Kamanda of the Kieleweke brigade in a bid to be accommodated. The governor said that the Majority Leader cannot be trusted by any politician and is loyal to none. “Duale is only loyal to himself” said Korane.

The governor said making noise and “running in a tshirt in town like a mad man is not my way of doing politics” in reference to the Majority Leader.

The governor reiterated his earlier claims that the Majority Leader is sabotaging development of the county and interfering with the operations of the county employees. “We found almost impossible to provide public service in this county because of interference from our colleague” said Korane. He said 84 emoloyees were for two months subjected to “unnecessary interrogations and nothing has been found against them” This is are “lost work hours that reflects on the operations of the county” said the governor.

He accussed the Majority Leader of impeding the construction of a mega dam in other parts of the county instead diverting it to Garissa town which both reduces the benefit to the people of the county as well as endangering the safety of the residents of Garissa town. ” All this for his own selfish reasons” said Korane. ” There is no single major national government project in the county of Garissa because the Majority Leader is sabotaging it” continued the Governor