Elders from Lagdera and Isiolo South sign a peace accord

Elders from Lagdera and Isiolo South sign a peace accord

Elders from two warring communities have resolved to end the conflict that has affected the areas bordering Garissa and Isiolo Counties. This comes in the wake of fights that occured few weeks ago in Modogashe; a border town between Lagdera and Isiolo South Constituency. The meeting took place in Nanyuki led by Government officials including; County Commissioners, building bridges officials and other representatives from the Ministry of Interior. The elders from Auliyan and Borana clans decided to find a longer lasting solution to the consistent disputes through signing of a peace accord. This follows pleas to have the elders sit down and amicably agree to end the vicious cycle.

Key Resolutions

The elders passed a number of resolutions key amongst them;

  • Politicians and leaders to desist from incitements and issuance of threats whenever they feel aggrieved. The elders also gave the governmnet a nod to take appropriate legal action to whoever is inciting the communities.
  • The respective regional commissioners to immediately embark on identifying the beacons of the common boundary with the aim of bringing an end to the boundary disputes.
  • Any community migrating in search of water and pasture should notify the host community and declare the weapons in their possession.
  • The regional commissioners tasked with the responsibility of constituting a task force that will look into the issues of illegal settlements.
  • The existing traditional dispute resolution mechanisms like the Modogashe Declaration of 2011 be reviewed and enforced when addressing compensation for loss of lives, stolen livestock and destruction of property.
  • That both communities should immediately expedite the return of stolen livestock.
  • That concerned efforts be made to facilitate persons displaced by the conflict.
  • That the elders will be meeting quarterly for joint barazas to preach and encourage peaceful coexistence between the communities.

The signing of the agreement should be lauded as a move in the right direction. It is important that pastoralist communities learn to live peacefully with each other as they need each other. The Nanyuki accord is a huge step into the right direction and its fruits are easily visible as normalcy is slowly spreading in the border areas.