A Government of Inclusivity and Development

A Government of Inclusivity and Development

By Guled Haji,

When discussions are devoid of reason and objectivity, they just end up serving an emotional and narrow political end, which unfortunately has become the norm in this day and age and at the disposal of self-serving politicians.No better example than the skewed, ill-thought discourse currently taking centre stage in Garissa where the Majority Leader, Aden Duale is publicly fighting Governor Ali Korane by taking on the county employees and denting their hard-earned reputation. The falicious and ill-thought claims by the Majority Leader that county employees are illegally in office because they were recruited on fictitious qualifications is a huge dent on his political career. The Garissa Township MP has not provided any prima facia evidence to substantiate this shocking claim. This is an irresponsible talk by a senior national leader. Scoring political points to derail the development of a County whose most important constituency he represents, shall be above the station of a Majorityy Leader. The Majority Leader is said to be eyeing the Gubernatorial seat in 2022. This is his constitutional right but impeding the development of a people whose votes he wants to seek is hardly a vote earner.The Garissa Township Constituency MP and the Garissa Governor work on two completely different political spectrums; their political operation or methodology is apparently on different perspectives.The Governor believes in the politics of development and inclusivity. Hon Duale believes in the politics of division and exclusivity. Ali Korane is a man of the people who tries as humanly as possible to pursue a path of equality in the running of his administration that engenders inclusivity in employment and peaceful coexistence in the county. His administration has brought on board all communities living in Garissa making it a government of all talent and ethnicities. The 3 top county positions and how the administration he leads has carefully distributed them among the 3 big clans of the County, is a clear manifestation of a government that promotes inclusion by all and development for all. The County Secretary, the County Public Service Board Chair and the County Assembly Speaker hail from the 3 major clans residing in the County. This is political maturity and points at a leader whose political campus is that of inclusion and therefore peace and progress. All the clans of Kenya who live in Garissa are represented in his administration. This is unprecendented in the counties of the North. Boranas, Sakuyes, Ajurans, Gares, Degodias, Hartis, Merus, Luos Kambas, Kikuyus and even Ogadens from other counties have been appointed as County Officers. You will find directors from every nook and cranny of the county which feels one with pride. Is this what the architects of divisive politics want to fight. One cannot claim in public barazas that he represents and supports a Garissa of every clan but fight them in the dark, soiling the reputation of hardworking and well qualified employees of the same county. This is not befitting of a leader of the Majority Leader’s stature. If Hon Duale cannot handle the heat coming from the kitchen of the county’s development, he should honourably get out rather than throw stones at the speeding train of growth.Late last year the Governor announced a land policy that he says anyone from any part of the world willing to take part in the development of the County is welcome and will be given land for free. This may have rattled architects of exclusivity who thrive in the politics of divisions and underdevelopment. In this day and era of globalization, drawing investment to the county should be encouraged. It is inevitable that the people of this great county and all development proponents stand with this government to realize its deveopment agenda. The time for politics is over.Governor Ali Korane is a political technocrat; he cares more about service delivery than indulging political rhetorics and infighting. His distractors seem to be disturbed by his level of sobriety and are publicly seeking the inappropriate use of national entities like the EACC to derail development and destruct his attention to deliver services! It appears the governor has not fallen for this as his resolve to do good and focus on development only keeps rising.If Hon Duale has any ambitions of contesting for the gubernatorial seat of Garissa County, he will do himself better by working with the governor and the county employees not attempting to throw stones at their progress in the hope of derailing the Governor’s development agenda. As the Governor has proved in the last two years he was in power, derailing his development agenda will only remain in the figment of any politician’s imagination.In the spirit of what you can do for your county and not what your county can do for you, I call upon all people of Garissa County to come together and take part in the development of their county. We should not waste time politicking all year round and should instead gird our loins to catch up with the rest of Kenya and take pride in leading our region to further prosperity and progress.

Guled is a socio-political commentator and can be reached at guled09@gmail.com


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