Mogadishu Issues Alert Over Hidden Explosives

Mogadishu Issues Alert Over Hidden Explosives

Residents of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia are tonight living in fear as suspected cars loaded with explosives disappear. Security agencies have issued an alert that 4 cars suspected to be carrying explosives are missing and there is fear that they have been prepared to cause mass killings in populated areas or businesses but target remains unknown.

A statement by the UNDSS read:

Dear Colleagues,

UNDSS has received the following Security Threat Information Notification (STIN) from an external source:

‘Four vehicles, configured as VBIEDs for attacks on hotels and other strategic landmarks, have reportedly entered Mogadishu. The vehicles as reported are:

Toyota Noah AF2074, White} these are reportedly targeted for hotel but no specific hotel was named.

Toyota Caribe AD 3621 white}

Dina Truck (Small) white with green/green with white. No plate number known}

UD Dina Nissan Diesel (Big Truck) with 10 tyres.

They are expected to target places from today -Friday up to Saturday morning. A nissan van reportedly should open the road and allow the trucks and car to enter.’

UNDSS cannot confirm the reliability of the original source of this information. This STI follows similar STIs received by UNDSS in the past week. At this point of time, there is no additional data to substantiate and ascertain the accuracy of this information and/or to advise on specific mitigating measures. Relevant security personnel have been informed about this STI. UNDSS will continue to monitor the situation and provide any updates as required.



UNDSS Somalia