Dadaab MP Opposes Security  Wall ‘That will Cost Shillings 245 Billion’

Dadaab MP Opposes Security Wall ‘That will Cost Shillings 245 Billion’

Dadaab Member of Parliament Dr. Mohamed Dahiye has opposed a report in parliament that advocates for the building of a wall between Kenya and Somali border. The MP who was speaking on the Border Securitization Project Report said the building of a physical wall will not fight terrorism and avert Al-shabaab attacks. He said Al-shabaab is an ideology that ought to be fought ideologically. He said the building of the 700 KM wall between the two countries is ill-advised as the country does not have the resources to maintain the wall. He said the wall built by Israel between its country and Palestine cost ”$2 billion annually to maintain and Kenya does not have that kind of money”. He said that resources should instead be invested in other sectors and improving infrastructure in the border counties. The Member of Parliament said there is no war between Kenya and Somalia and the government ought to view Somalia as an African country, a neighbour and a friend that is in need of our support not a country to segregate. ”We have been hosting hundreds of thousands of its refugees, over 50,000 Kenyans work in Somalia and people living in the border areas thrive on trade between the two countries” said the MP.  He said he opposes the continued closure of the border and the building of a wall that ”will not help fight terrorism”.

Kenya has been building a 700 KM Wall from border post 1 in Mandera to the Lamu that the government believes will deter Al-Shabab fighters coming into the country. According to a BBC report the wall is projected to cost Ksh 245 billion on completion.