”We are taking the ”Hiding” Governor of Mandera County to Court over Corruption” says Abass Maalim Hajir

”We are taking the ”Hiding” Governor of Mandera County to Court over Corruption” says Abass Maalim Hajir

Former Mandera deputy Governor contestant for Economic Freedom Party Mr Abass Maalim Hajir says Governor Ali Roba’s government is a hiding government that has acheived zero development. The Mandera politician claims that his party and the people of Mandera County are taking Governor Roba and his executives to court over corruption and the failure to initiate development projects.

Mr Abass said while his party of EFP has agreed to support the governor for the sake of the development and progress of the county, there is neither handshake nor official deliberations between EFP, which has the majority both in the national assembly and county assembly, and Ali Roba’s government.

Mr Abass said Mandera county Government has undertaken no single tangible project over the last 7 years Governor Roba has been at the helm. ”The Government has  no offices and operates from rented premises, 50 billion has reportedly been spent and nothing shows for it” says the 2017 aspirant. ”It is going into the pockets of an individual” continued Mr Abass.

”Governor Roba is buying houses in Karen, has bought large tracts of land in Mandera, built another palatial villa in Mandera, grabbed all the land between Koromey and Mandera town, taken most of the land in the town and there is no one tangible project the he has initiated for the county and its people” Said the former aspirant. Mr Abass claims that there is dire shortage of water in the County, farmers have nowhere to sell their fruits as there is no fruit market while Mandera has huge potential for growing many fruit crops. ”Drought and diseases are rampant, hospitals have neither the manpower nor drugs and facilities, the governor has displaced people who are now refugess in other counties such as Taita Taveta and Tana River” he says. Mr Abass continues that the government is not ready for the important upcoming exercises of the Census and the border review because it is an absent government and Governor Roba is less accessible to his people than the President of the Country. The government has  no one project on helping nomads counter diseases killing their livestock and yet Roba is the Chair of FCDC claimed the politician.

Asked about the controversial airport that was in the news where many residents have come against the construction of the proposed airport, Mr Abass said that people of Mandera agree that there is need for an airport but the devil is in the details. He said people are being displaced from their land and without following due process.  He said 6 billion feasibility study cost and another 4.5 million dollars to build a 8 by 3 airport is a gross misappropriation of funds. He said Mandera needs an airstip not an airport. It will be a  misplaced priority and an unnecessary displacement of nomads said Mr Abass.

Asked if he had evidence to his claims of corruption by the Governor, Mr Abass said they have some evidence but their investigations are still ongoing. ”I am not alone, we are a team, we know what Roba was worth before he became Governor and have his networth both within and outside the country and we are undertaking further fact finding mission. I am not ready to put it to the media now but if the governor used to bribe EACC, it is now under new management, if he used  to escape scrutiny by ‘buying the DPP’ there is now a new DPP in place and you will hear of a bombshell soon” said Mr Abass. Recently some activists led by former Presidential candidate Ms Naslin Omar have gone to court accusing the governor of presiding over corruption in his goverment but Mr Maalim said that is small in scale compared to what his team of experts is bringing on. ”We will be filing a case of corruption against the governor by end of the  month” said Abass..