The 3 Main Reasons For the Rise of Rape in The Society

The 3 Main Reasons For the Rise of Rape in The Society

Sheikh Dr Mohamud Shibli has attributed the rise of heinous crimes like rape in the society to 3 causes. Dr Shibli who was addressing a gathering at a mosque in Nairobi’s Eastleigh said that society cannot feign ignorance or express surprise at the increase of violent ugly incidences while doing nothing to address the root causes. People reap what they sow.

The sheikh said the spread of pornography, the commercialization of marriages and deviation from the straight path of Islam has led to the crimes we witness today such as the rape of young girls and general violence against women. Dr Shibli said that as a society we cannot plant poisonous seeds and except to reap sweet fruits. We cannot continue burying our heads in the sand and expect things to resolve on their own. ” Lamentation will not solve anything” said the Sheikh.

The Sheikh said the exorbitant prices of weddings has led to men marrying late or not able to marry at all. This leads to the pursuit of vices like pornography which encourages violent sexual acts like rape of minors. He said society cannot create impediments for the young to access lawful ways of fulfilling their sexual desires by making weddings expensive and beyond the reach of most youth and then express shock when sex outside wedlock or violence and rape become normal. ” We cannot close or make it hard for a great majority to access the lawful while we ease the routes to the unlawful and spread its access and expect good to happen” said the Sheikh.

The sheikh also pointed out that parental responsibility and the role of role models has dwindled. The erosion of social mores and the dearth of value systems is fuelling gang culture said the Sheikh. He said Allah does not change the condition of a people until they come with the effort and solutions to change their conditions.

Rape incidences has been reportedly increasing over the last few years and minors gang raped has been on the news of late. The latest incidence is the one where 3 men were reported to have raped a girl if 12 years in the city of Galkacyo in Somalia before killing her. This has caused alarm and in a press conference by some female politicians in Somalia’s parliament, the women asked for the perpetrators of the crime to face the full force of the law. Earlier a prominent scholar Sheikh Mohamed Umal has called for the killing of those who rape and kill as stipulated in the teachings of Islam.