Pastrolist Leadership Summit Resolutions

Pastrolist Leadership Summit Resolutions

Pastrolist leaders released a raft of resolutions after 3 days of deliberations in Garissa town. The resolutions ranging from land and natural resources exploitation to the upcoming census and referendum were signed off by the chairmen of the PPG (Alois Lentoimaga) and FCDC (Ali Robow). The leaders meeting under the auspices of Pastrolist Leadership Summit bringing together 15 governors, 105 legislators, 500 County Assembly members and their speakers and 300 community leaders resolved to foster peace and security and enhance socio-economic development for the people of the 15 counties.

Countering radicalization and violent extremism, fast tracking youth agenda, recognizing the importance of fraud-free census, spearheading policy and legislative agenda to eliminate cattle rustling in Pastrolist counties and demanding that national anti-radicalization programs avoid targeting and ethnic profiling of border communities were some of the specific resolutions reached at the summit.

The profiling of communities living in border areas has both been rampant and counterproductive in the fight against violent extremism.

PLS 2019 Final Resolution of the Conference