Sheikh Umul Calls For The Killing  of those who Rape and murder

Sheikh Umul Calls For The Killing of those who Rape and murder

Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal condemns the heinous crime of rape that he said has been increasing in the recent past in many parts of the world. The Sheikh who is a leading Islamic scholar residing in Nairobi has expressed shock at the hitherto rare acts of violence against women among the Somali community that is of late increasing. ” Islam holds rape and violence against women as one of the worst transgressions to commit and Muslims must all fight against it” said the Scholar. Sheikh Umal who was addressing congruents on Friday was speaking against the heinous crime of rape few days after it was reported that a 12 year old girl was gang raped and killed in Somalia’s city of Galkacyo. 3 men were accused of raping and killing the child.

The Sheikh said the first and foremost solution to counter such crimes is by adhering to the commandments of Allah. “Every other suggested solution will be trial and error that will do little to counter such heinous crimes” said the Sheikh.

He said in Islam one is allowed to kill or be killed while defending his family against such violence. ” If a man is killed while defending his family from the crime of rape Allah will reward him with paradise” said the Sheikh quoting one of the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The scholar continued that parental responsibility in raising children of sound character will be a step towards beating such crimes. He also said that reviving the dying Islamic tradition of crime deterring measures such as stipulated in the Holy Quran and Hadiths of the Prophet is now more than ever. “If potential criminals know that they will be held to full  account for their crimes according to the principles of Islam, they will avoid committing them in the first place” said the Scholar. He attributed the shocking rise of heinous crimes such as violence against women to the dwindling resolve to uphold the teachings of Islam.

The Sheikh said the ‘ethnicization’ of criminals and their crimes will continue to encourage many more unbalanced people of bad character commit crimes with abandon. ” If a criminal is accustomed to not been held to proper account for his crimes and that the most he will endure for heinous crimes such as rape is few days of custody before his tribesmen come to his rescue he will see it as normal to continue indulging in crimes of every nature” said the Scholar.

The sheikh pointed out that the spread of pornography, misuse of social media and poor or bad role models are contributing to the increasing spread of shameful acts such as the rape of girls.