Dr Mukhtar Threatens Hunger Strike Over the Fatal Shooting of his Son

Dr Mukhtar Threatens Hunger Strike Over the Fatal Shooting of his Son

The family of Mr Idris Mukhtar who was shot last year are threatening hunger strike if justice is not done. Speaking to the media Dr Mukhtar said his family is traumatized “As a family we are traumatized. Our lives have been turned upside down. I left my job because I could not manage to balance caring for this victim and working in Garissa” said Dr Mukhtar who was until recently a college lecturer.

Idris who was fattaly shot late last year while leaving a car park has been returned to the country from India where he was taken for specialized treatment. His father said the bullet which was lodged in his brain has been removed but doctors in India advised them to return him to his home country as there was nothing further they could help with. He remains bed ridden and the family was forced to buy ICU equipment and turn one of the rooms into an ICU said Dr Mukhtar.

A prime suspect who was arrested over the shooting has allegedly committed suicide in police custody. Two other suspects are in court on charges of shooting. County Governor Ali Korane was arrested for questioning by the DCIO regarding the shooting.

“We will not relent on this case and will turn every stone to ensure we get justice for Idris said Dr Mukhtar “If somebody is wishing that we will get tired nd this case will get finished, it will never, I will never relent until I get justice for this young man” says the father.

Mr Idris who will turn 34 tomorrow will celebrate his 34th birth day paralysed and bedridden. The family is calling for speedy justice and his parents have threatened hunger strike infront of the DPP’s office if they feel that justice is not been done and be seen to be done. ”myself and his mum will tie ourselves to the front of the DPP’s office and will start hunger strike if justice is not done” said Dr Mukhtar who was speaking to the media.