Garissa University Watchman Mr Osman Abdi Dagane Must be Compensated

Garissa University Watchman Mr Osman Abdi Dagane Must be Compensated

Mr Dagane went on trial in January 2016. It is our considered opinion that Mr Dagane should be compensated for wrongful arrest and loss of livelihoods for two years. The police must up their game and stop arresting innocent people without any evidence thereby wasting the courts time and hurting the reputation of the accused.

The terrorists killed 147 people, mostly students, and injured at least 79 during the dawn attack at Garissa University.

It was the nation’s deadliest attack since the 1998 bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi.

The attackers detonated suicide vests injuring some of the security forces. Of the 815 students in the college, 500 were rescued, according to the government.

Four gunmen involved in the massacre were killed. One suspect, described as a terrorist by the government, was reportedly arrested while leaving the college.

Two weeks ago Kenya was hit again when Al-Shabaab gunmen targeted the dusitD2 hotel and office complex in the capital, killing 21 people.

Just days after, gunmen were foiled trying to strike a Chinese construction site in Garissa, and on Saturday two people were lightly injured in a mysterious explosion in central Nairobi, further setting the country on edge.

This prompted the national police to put out a statement urging the public, transport operators, malls, hotels, places of worship and education, to “step up their level of alertness”.