What you did not know about Ali Gichunge

What you did not know about Ali Gichunge

Ali Gichunge’s name has hit the airwaves since the Tuesday terror attack on Dusit D2 hotel in the Capital Nairobi. The nation is still mourning the tragedy that took the innocent lives of 21 gallant men and women and as more suspects are nabbed and others remain at large those who knew Ali Gichunge are still in shock.

The young man was born in Bula Pesa in Isiolo and went to Hekima Primary School after which he proceeded to Kibirichia High School in Meru. He had scooped a C+ in his KCSE and had dreams of becoming an Engineer. According to friends and family, he was a quiet and hardworking young man and no one would imagine his life will turn the way it did. His sister said he was God fearing, loving and an outgoing person who never took alcohol or drugs.

He however disappeared from his home around 2015 and his mother reported his disappearance to the authorities. The family lost contact with him and the next time they heard his name was after his photo spread online after the Dusit D2 attack. The young man is believed to have been recruited by Al-Shabaab around 2016 and detectives believe he might have sneaked into Somalia around the same period.

His neighbours described him as a calm guy who appeared reserved. His butcher said he looked like a guy that had a love for the finer things in life and appeared to be living lavishly. As more evidence is gathered Isiolo residents are still in utter shock as more names of suspects are released with most appearing to have their roots in Isiolo.