Former CS Wario wants court to allow him travel abroad

Former CS Wario wants court to allow him travel abroad

The former sport CS wants the court to release his travelling documents to allow him travel to Australia to attend to his sick child. Dr. Wario says 1 year old child is sick, and he also has other official duties to attend to ion Australia. He filed his application on Thursday and hopes that the court will release his passports to allow him travel.

He insists that he is the sole breadwinner, and he has not seen his family since he was charged in October this year. Wario told the court that his family is yet to settle and learn the language in Australia after being appointed ambassador, and he is pleading to the court to consider his plight.

“I was appointed as the Kenyan ambassador to Austria and the permanent Representative to the United Nations which positions require regular travel to advance Country’s interest, and I am unable to carry out that function as my passports are deposited with the court,” reads court documents.

“I also need to go and make necessary arrangements to delegate any official duties to my staff for the period that I will be away from office as required under section 62 of the Anti-corruption and Economics Crimes Act,” reads the court documents.

The matter will be heard on Friday.