Somali Cultural Week to be held in Mandera from 9th December

Somali Cultural Week to be held in Mandera from 9th December

The County of Mandera has organized a 3-day cultural week to showcase the Somali culture from traditional equipment to traditional games. Speaking to the media, the Mandera County Executive member for Education and Culture Izzidun Abdullahi Abdi said it was all systems go for the three-day activity. He said people are expected from the breadth and length of the country to come and learn about our Somali culture. Mandera has witnessed some clan clashes over the years and the event is expected to help address the manufactured differences between the clans.

Somali Cultural week was held in the capital city Nairobi over the years and it made logic as it is where all other communities from across the globe converge but it also made a little inconvenient for the host community, the Somalis, to come from the counties. It may help as a pilot to move it from the city to the counties where the indigenous culture is more likely present in its pristine. It is a lot less representative when urban men and women who rehearse the tradition for the show are left to represent the culture instead of the genuine custodians living in the rurals.

According to governor Ali Roba, who is the host, the event is meant to remind the Somali speaking clans of their fast fading culture and the importance of preserving their traditions. The event is open to all and communities from Somalia and Ethiopia will be attending.

The event is expected to run from the 9th of December to the 12th and all are welcome.