Property Rights and The Northland’s Underground Wealth

Property Rights and The Northland’s Underground Wealth

By Najar Munyinyi

As a Kenyan, I’m not appealing to Uhuru Kenyatta’s, WIlliam Ruto’s or any leader’s moral sense – for it is obvious that they have zero. If they did have any MORAL sense, we would not be in the predicament we Kenyan’s find ourselves in, with an economy that’s running downhill and a population being overtaxed and driven to slavery despite our land and mineral wealth. While the elites and politicians are trying to ‘hold onto power’ and ‘wealth’ – the bitter truth is that Kenya has been mapped by foreigners and we’re sitting on wealth – this wealth is being hidden by the elites because according to them, only a ‘few’ should have it. This is disaster capitalism.

Years ago, a wise man known as Daudi Wabera stated that “this land here”- (NFD)- and the story is that he stomped his foot on the ground repeatedly as he spoke – “… contained enough wealth to take us into the next century, and this is why Jomo Kenyatta did not want the land to revert to Somalia.”  He died for the truths he held because we now know that Kenyatta made a deal with The Queen, and there was no real independence for those of the North. How can Europeans lease land at a few cents a YEAR?? It is a scandal.

How do you make your nephew a beggar?

You beat him down constantly and tell him he’s stupid from when he’s young. You surround him with people whom have guns, and who constantly tell him they will kill him, but they do beat him (GSU, Rangers, KWS Rangers, Police, AP’s, Reservists). You make him think he is worthless, deny him education, marginalize him and refuse him a voice, then you throw crumbs to him when you’re eating the slaughtered goat. In utter despair, he will pick up those crumbs and say, thank you Uncle. And when you give him a job to hold a gun, he will think he’s a big man and treat his own people the same way you treated him.

Who are we as Kenyans?

Kenya has been mapped as being the wealthiest country in the world in terms of Oil, Water, Natural Gas and Gems. And if we’re not careful, or if we think we’re worthless, we shall give away our land for peanuts and remain poor and


Look at the Tribes in America. The Americas was their land. Look at them now. They let Tribal Chiefs sign over their land. Strong Whiskey was introduced in every outpost shop, and soon the young men who could no longer ride their horses and use bows and arrows to hunt the buffalo that was their staple food – all this was taken from them and banned. Riding horses without a license was banned, keeping bows, arrows and rifles was banned, making poison for their arrows was banned. They were policed by white men with guns, and constantly put in jail for being drunk, or for walking drunk, or for just looking at a white man sideways. Their own old hostile uncles who fell into the trap of believing that the white man had brought good to them was almost as bad as the White man. Hunting

deer and buffalo was banned and every area of their lives became controlled by licenses which cost money. In the end, these rules impoverished them –the youth became mentally depressed by the constant lack of freedom, became

depressed by the enforced sitting in school to learn foreign cultures and a language they may never use. Many studied and went to work in towns, became men in suits – distant from their relatives at home, they dropped their culture including their languages, and became sad. Back home in the reserves, the American Native began to have the highest records of cancer, and to die from it.

Many did not see the necessity of education and dropped out of the vile Nun-run schools where beatings were the norm, but sadly they began drinking the alcohol that was deliberately provided by the white man.

They say they are Christian men and against the use of ‘alcohol’, yet they will open a bar for your sons and nephews to drink in, for your girls and women to display their bodies and become whores, and yet they “go to Church on Sunday”. To Whites, there is a big difference when it comes to making money – and their own morality – they are capable of a hypocritical life that makes no sense to Africans.

Ask yourself  – what are the similarities with the Kenyan North to America’s plains, mountains and forests? You had Marsabit Forest, where is it now? You had forests all the way from Mount Kenya slopes through to Ngare Ngare and North through ‘LEWA’ after Archers Post. Where are these forests now? You had permanent Water Holes and Springs and Oasis. Where are these permanent water holes now? You had grazing lands from horizon to horizon – where are those grazing lands now?

Tanzania does not sell land. If as a non- Tanzanian you rock up in the Mining Department and show your Title Deed and say you need a license to “mine your land”, they’ll throw you in jail. They don’t sell land, so if you show a title deed, you’re a thief.

A solution for Kenyans in the Northlands may be to begin to write ‘Living Wills’ stating that they are not selling their land. And if some huge Foreign conglomerate wants to mine your 10 acres, then they should lease your land for a tidy sum, say 5 million per acre, per year, payable in one single installment. For they can afford it.  These Chinese and Wazungu are rich, and they’ll make billions off your land. As a community it is possible to grow trees along boundaries and state to whoever crosses those boundaries into the land is a trespasser, and therefore can be shot dead on sight – including the white invaders. There is no appealing to a morality that does not exist.

I’m not appealing to Uhuru and his band of embarrassing sycophants any more, they have caused so much harm already, robbing Kenyans land, then giving this land to Foreigners that force Kenyans to work on their own former land as diggers and slaves – what if you come across bones of your ancestors? – examine the conditions of the mines in DRC where children as young as 4 years old are forced down into black mines to dig for foreigners.  Where do you think they excrete? Look at DRC where the UN and WWF Europeans are expelling forest people out of their homes for the sake of CONservation, but in reality it is to steal their natural resources. Look at our own mining of Titanium at the Coast and how last year, the Boni Forest People were unreservedly ejected out of their ancestral forests – you think Al Shabaab is real?? Really? That a government can be hoodwinked by a few ‘foreign guerillas’ from another country?  REALLY? Let me tell you, if Kenya wanted to get rid of these ‘young men’ it would, a long time ago. You wonder why our Ministry of Mining wants to keep Northerners in the dark?

South Kenya, South East Kenya – the mines in Taita Taveta, Pokot, and Western Kenya. Land bought off communities for peanuts.  Decide for yourselves. Will you take the crumbs the Government is trying to force you to accept, and give your land away for peanuts, or will you let Foreigners and their armies throw you off it? Will you stand up and be counted and use the courts and common sense to defend yourselves, or will you cower and let the ‘government’ kill you slowly and painfully?

Just the other day children died in Isiolo County after a discarded grenade was left behind by #BATUK training in Kenya – was there any outcry?? Not a single whisper. Do we not matter? No. No longer. When I read the article, it stated that a few minutes before the bomb went off, some ‘undocumented’ visitors had gone into the Children’s Home. Isiolo County Commissioner John Ondego said that locals shouldn’t panic and that  “…the incident should not worry candidates and locals as exams will not be disrupted since the government has provided security.” Security for whom? The kids were playing with an object they FOUND, in the home compound….He said the candidate will

be examined to see if he can ‘write the tests.’ – but there would be no counseling for trauma, or on the death of a friend, no health checks.  This is why I cannot even try to appeal to anyone’s morality – it’s not there, at all. How can you appeal to a vaccum? Will the British Army own up to their error? Of course not – As it is, the Media and National Police have denied the existence of the possibility of the Batuk leaving behind live ammunition as they train. These ‘bombs’ they lie, are from the 2nd world war, fought in 1941 hundreds of miles away -“Hostilities began on 13 June 1940, with an Italian air raid on the base of 1 Squadron Southern Rhodesian Air Force (237 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF) at Wajir in the East Africa Protectorate (Kenya) and continued until Italian forces had been pushed back from Kenya and Sudan, through Somaliland, Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1940 and early 1941”

I tell you, our government does not give a damn – will the relatives of the children who were crippled be paid and cared for by this government? No. They will be discarded, as are thousands displaced as IDP’s. People who are Kenyans, but are displaced. All for the sake of LAND.

… you decide if you’re going to continue appealing to our so called leaders morality. For those whom are wise, begin to defend the land left to you by your forefathers and write your own lease agreements. Write it yourself on solid paper – even if it’s in Arabic or Swahili or in Borana, Turkana, Rendille or Somali– why does it have to be in English? Write it yourselves, and read it over and over again before you sign and ask for others to sign with you. Do Not Sell your land however much they put on your plate because it’s worth more than you can imagine. DO NOT SELL. And tell your family and community why you will not sell. You can do a whole lot with 500 million per year, as a land lord, including building state of the art schools and hospitals for your communities on land that is free of lease. Waiting for the government when you have so much wealth under your land is a waste of time.

It’s the Northlands time to eat.

Najar is a social activists and Founder of Errant Natives