55 year old mama Abdia Omar Must not die in vain

55 year old mama Abdia Omar Must not die in vain

A 55 year old mum, Abdia Omar was shot by police in unclear circumstance in Rhamu. Police do not dispute the fact that they shot the 55 year old mum from Rhamu of Mandera County. They however, dispute the event that led to her shooting. The police claim they were pursuing a man selling drugs who they claim is her son when they admit to shooting her.

MCAs accused the police of extra-judicial killings and local leaders are not happy with the officers investigating the murder. Police have no legal authority to shoot an unarmed criminal.

Speaking in Mandera town yesterday, Rhamu MCA Kula Alio and Mohamed Ibrahim of Guticha disputed the police version of events and accused them of extra-judicial killing. The ward representatives said there is no way police, who were involved in the shooting, can investigate themselves, hence, the need for an independent agency to probe.

Alio said the postmortem had revealed the woman was shot at close range, an indication police deliberately decided to kill her.

“It is clear the police decided to kill the innocent and defenseless woman for reasons known better to them. We are calling on the independent Policing Oversight Authority to come in. We are not comfortable with the local DCI officers carrying out the investigations,” he said.

Alio said three days after the shooting, police have only been assuring them that investigations will be conducted, but they fear the killing will be swept under the carpet.

Ibrahim said police should have arrested Abdia instead of shooting her. “We will soon organise the mother of all demonstrations in Rhamu town if police continue dragging their feet in this matter. We want to see progress in the investigations,” Ibrahim said.