Hanging from a Moral Cliff?

Hanging from a Moral Cliff?

NFD Dispatch,

If the man or woman representing you in parliament is constantly and continuously at the alleged wrong places for alleged wrong reasons you got reason to worry for their integrity, that of your constituency or county and most importantly for your community and country.

The Wajir Women rep is visible and doing something for her county. From Water projects to health promotion she has been in the thick of things trying to tangibly deliver services to her county. She has been more visible than many members of parliament in the sphere of development. It is not the remit of this article though to give the specifics of the projects she initiated many of which are in the public realm. What is development though. Development experts are not agreed on the exact definition of development. What constitute development?

Hon Fatuma Gedi has been at the wrong places for the wrong reasons too many times this last year. During the sugar importation wrangles in parliament, she was accused of helping beat down the poisoned sugar debate by allegedly bribing some members of parliament to water down the report. The speaker of the national assembly set up an inquiry into what is a serious allegation where some committee members accused Fatuma of trying to bribe them. It is not known what personal or political interest the Wajir Women rep had in the condemned sugar but there were allegations that she was fronting for a senior member of the national assembly. The sugar was allegedly poisoned and it will be a gross miscalculation for an ambitious member of parliament to get involved in something that will impact on the health of her constituents and that of the greater nation. If this comes to light in the near future as many things are wont to be, she will have moral questions hanging over her head.

During the Fuel tax crisis, she was accused by her fellow women reps of bringing disrepute to their caucus where she is the chairperson and called for a vote of no confidence in her leadership. 32 of the 47 women reps signed the letter to force her out of office. I do not know where that matter ended but it is another dark spot on her political career.

Today there emerged photos of her with Gatundu member of parliament and murder suspect Jacque Maribe. Ms Maribe is a suspect of a gruesome murder and out on bail. It is a call on anyone’s moral integrity let alone an elected member of parliament to pose with a murder suspect. Hon Fatuma is seen in the picture above posing with Ms Maribe and her body language communicates one with no qualms doing so. The other member of parliament Fatuma is posing with is Moses Kuria, a man who on many occasions has been on the wrong side of the law. He was severally accused and even arrested for incitement charges so not one that anyone will be so enthusiastic to pose with either.

At this rate Hon Gedi is making colossal moral and political miscalculations. She may be taking the often misunderstood mantra ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ out of proportion. As the lying politicians get their skins burnt and get exposed more every day, their is hope our politics will be more high-minded beyond the physical development mantra. Kenya is slowly but surely changing for the better. People can remain politically stupid and morally uncaring only for so long. She may tread carefully if she wants to survive for a little longer.