Horrible MCAs are the biggest enemies to devolution

Horrible MCAs are the biggest enemies to devolution

By Ibrahim Boru

The new constitution blessed us with devolution and this crucial and an important baby has failed to give us the required push to realize crucial development that would help us forget the over 50 years of marginalization. In our own mediocre minds we forgot to appreciate how important member of the County Assemblies are, and we voted in individuals without vetting them properly. In a way our thinking still revolved around the hogwash mentality that we were only voting in councilors, and we realized later on that this are individuals that will even sit to draw up budgets for our funds.

The disaster finally occurred as these academic dwarfs opted to undertake a venture of self-gratification at the expense of working to improve the life of poor residents. They have turned up to be the Governors’ spanner boys appending signatures to everything brought to them without any scrutiny. The constitution has given them an important mandate and if they decide to use their oversight role well enough then we will surely be guaranteed success and development in all sectors. They were elected by the voters to speak for them and represent them in the Assembly as per the Constitution and as they continue to ignore the electorates the poor residents have nowhere to turn to.

It’s even too worrying as to why they were voted in to public office, MCAs have become a parasite that has set out to ensure it drains even the last drop of blood from the poor. They went out in search of riches and jet-set lifestyles awarding themselves allowances as if they were going out of fashion. They used false travel claims to get more loot as they went out on fact finding all over the World. Their performance has been a study on how policies and principles are laid to waste by a spree of looting and incompetence. It’s like going back in time to the period after independence and watching promising nations being turned into basket cases. The news flashes on the media tainted an image of village goons wearing suits and acting like decent characters but whose actions reflect that of ignorant old gobbos.

MCAs have become paranoid and scared of young people who look sharp, intelligent and soberer than them. They are willing to do anything to remove any roadblock that seems to prevent them from satisfying their voracious hunger for power. They have developed insecurity issues and a mentality that they aren’t good enough and might soon be unmasked this has made them to stay away from the public limelight. MCAs have become a total failure in many Counties and the biggest enemy to Devolution and as we seek to attain development they seek to enrich themselves from petty handouts given by the Executive.

In as much as we might put blame on the Executive much of our undoing has been on electing the worse cadre of leaders tasked with holding a very crucial office and now as we cry of problems they only see opportunities and loopholes to make more money. No bills are being passed no sober discussions are being made in the assembly. If, only they knew how powerful they are then we might have enjoyed the fruits of devolution. If, only we elected intelligent folks in this office then we might have been enjoying a powerful assembly which would place checks and balances on the Executive.
They have forgotten who placed them in power and are not aware that these 5 years will at some point come to an end and they will be forced to seek for votes from the same people they are now ignoring.

They can’t listen to cries of their electorate and are not willing to air their grievances. They have turned the Assembly into a battle field where they throw blows at each other with insults like small kids in the park. We all earn a salary and work extra hard to earn a living but these MCAs have found an easy way of siphoning cash from the public coffer and now everyone wants to contest for this seat. As one person once said our MCAs have only two roles i.e. to extort money from the Governor and to go for foreign trips. In most Counties life was much better under the centralized system of Government. There is need to amend the law and raise the minimum academic levels to University Degree just to cut off some lazy, ignorant individuals from contesting these elective slots.