Tension Running High In Modogashe As Clans Fight

Tension Running High In Modogashe As Clans Fight

Heavy gun fire reported few Kilometers from Modogashe Town between two main warring communities in a small village called Gababa. The early morning incident has left at least 7 people dead and a number of others are nursing serious injuries.  The incident has raised tension in Modogashe and the town is currently under lock down. The incident is believed to be a retaliatory attack following Sunday’s attack on a Lorry.

The fighting which is thought to have started early morning today spread to Modogashe’s market center before officers said to be from Lagdera police post intervened allegedly killing one man by the name Kulo Jirmo. Later youth from Isioli side of the the sub-county demonstrated against the police accusing them of bias. Guns were fired in the air and the demonstrators dispersed. Tension remains high in the are.

Fighting between communities living in Isiolo and Garissa Counties has been perennial and while leaders from both sides have tried on several occasions to bring together the two communities and spread a message of peace it appears not to have succeed.

Isiolo county communities have accused their neighbours from Garissa County of encroaching into Isiolo County in search of pasture and therefore crowding limited pasture and water sources. This is thought to be the genesis of the perennial fight between these communities.

One politician from Isiolo County who spoke to us in anonymity said that Aulihan leaders are not serious about peace between the communities. ” When we approach our Aulihan leaders to try to bring these communities together and bring an end to this fightings between us and our brothers, they dont take it serious and often ignore our pleas to speak to their communities to coexist with us” Said the source. ” Aulihan have no leaders” added the angry politician.

Activists who have been following land issues in the Northern Counties say there is a different angle to the fight. ”This is a plot by Northern range lands and they want to take advantage by creating a wedge between the communities so that the conservancies they are planning could go ahead” said one activist. ”This is nothing to do with war between the two communities of Garissa and Isiolo who have been coexisting for centuries but a a bigger plan by people who espouse so-called conservancy ideologies and want to take over the land that belongs to these communities and turn it into a Laikipia style neo-colony” added the source.

Isiolo women Rep Hon Rehema Jaldesa said the government and all other stakeholders ought to act quickly to avert more deaths.

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