Isiolo Finance CEC resigns amid audit queries

Isiolo Finance CEC resigns amid audit queries


Mr. Mwende Thirbi a Financial guru with a wealth of expertise when it comes to Financial Management tendered his resignation in a 4 page letter to Isiolo County Governor where he has raised a lot of reasons as to his untimely resignation. The Governor spoke heftily about Mr. Thiribi when he was announcing his CECs last year terming him as a solid rock that will be instrumental in ensuring he is able to achieve his 5 year plan for Isiolo County. Mr. Thiribi prior to his appointment had worked at Deloitte, K-Rep bank as well as being the mind behind the Vision 2030 an economic map plan that will see Kenya make huge strides interms of development.

The man with a top notch grasp of Financial Management has walked out of Isiolo County with only a year in office and his letter has raised a lot of eyebrows when it comes to how the County is being run. Mr. Thirbi notes that in his first task he strived to set up a process of clear, transparent and efficient management system. “I introduced clear system controls in procurement and payment to achieve internationally accepted management principles,” Mr. Thiribi wrote.

He also says he has been cut off from IFMIS and IB and he has no personal number and any effort he makes to know why this is happening seems not to bear any results. Mr. Thirbi says there are cartels that are busy sidelining his work and preventing him from delivering on his duties. “The massive looting through impress, motor vehicle repairs, usage of fuel, circumventing the internal controls to pay vouchers not supported by Sector Compliance Officers is for me not acceptable unless the COs concerned and paying officers are made accountable.” He notes.

His resignation comes in the wake of an Audit Report from the Auditor General which has raised queries about millions of money that could not be accounted for including Ksh. 576M that has disappeared from the Public coffers.

Read the resignation letter from Mr. Thiribi below: