Manufactured Prosperity

Manufactured Prosperity

By Najar Munyinyi,

For the past 10 years, beginning in 2007 during the worst Kenyan Tribal clashes that have been blatantly disregarded by Kenyan Politicians, Kenyans have not known peace, nor stability.

These massacres have been orchestrated by the Trio of Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and their ‘arch enemy’ Raila Odinga. This Terrible Trio have ruled this country through armed terror, violence, forced evictions, marginalization, starvation and worse, deliberately setting brother against sister, husband against wife, parents against children. Between them they have become increasingly wealthy, very dangerous men and have succeeded in selling the people of this country to the Zionists as Slaves.

To date, Kenyans have been violently evicted from their homes in Nairobi Slums, in the Rift Valley, in the Mau Forest, Coast, Taita Taveta, in Boni Forest and in the Northlands.

Kenyans have been brutally murdered in police states in Western, in the Conservations, in Nairobi Slums, in NEP, in Pwani, in Muslim strongholds.

While many talk of Kenya being a ‘Police State’ and I had attested to the Deep State being the Religious body of Kenya, these facts are just the tip of a horrid truth. Kenyans are being deliberately impoverished by pulling the “carpet of their land” from under their feet.

“The Black Matrix is a Perception Management Program to Control Woke Black People.  We must receive an accurate analysis of our condition in order to overcome it. If our understanding is incorrect then all of our remedies and strategies that flow from that misunderstanding will be flawed as well.

One cannot begin from a wrong position. This is why focusing our efforts on the American Willie Lynch myth and Biblical half-truths have failed to liberate us as black people.

Our oppressor’s power over us is their ability to control information that shapes our perception of reality and thus their capacity to make us then act according to these false perceptions.”

We have often been told as Kenyans that we’re all brothers and sisters and that ‘TRIBE’ is a lie. For now, just accept that while we look at our Terrible Trio. There has been no time that RAO has not been a chief part of this perception, he of the Luo tribes. For the sake of peace, it is said, Tribe is non-existent, so in playing with this perception he drummed a frenzied beat to the lie. How can he be a leader of a tribe, when there are no tribes? The same is true for Uhuru, and Ruto. Does this perception play out at the Coast and in the Northern lands? – not much, for they have already been sold into the perception that they are not a part of “these Kenyan Tribes”.

Hence we have a country where for 15 YEARS, there are men and women who have been brutalized by forced evictions, traumatized by massacres, who have zero health care and who are now being over-taxed due to ‘borrowing’ by the Trio. Men and women who 55 years after independence have no homes of their own, miserable health care and heavy taxes – their own children struggle to build them simple homes. A people who toil day and night to survive in a police state, a country where land belongs to the rich and powerful and where the poor live in constant fear of eviction – a complete lack of security.


In this state, the rich and elite are the lighter skinned immigrants. The rules work for them, and not for the indigenous local. There is no argument here. Apart from the Trio and their families who have made it out of the Yoke of Slavery by association and being what are known as Home Guards, the pyramid structure is thus the following regarding the following services;

  • Housing
  • Security
  • Food
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Finances
  • Education

In each of these services provided by the Kenyan Government, look at the level of permanence in the following:- the assurance that they shall never be evicted from their homes, will always be protected by the government (national policing), will always have non GMO well prepared foods, access to the finest hospitals and medical care, including maternal and dentistry; safe transport, often private and of the highest quality including air transport whether airplane or helicopter; there is little lack of finances, nor is there lack in education for themselves or their offspring.

The pyramid is as follows;-

The White Woman 1st, the White man 2nd.

The African/White woman 3rd, the African/White man 4th.

The Asian woman 3rd, the Asian man 4th.

The African woman 5th, the dark African man 6th– at the bottom of the pyramid regarding any services from the government of Kenya, 55 years after “Independence.”

The lie is that Kenyan men are lazy. The other lie is that of the ‘boy-child’. This is not true and again, it is a false PERCEPTION that is continuously implanted in the minds of Kenyans. It is an active and harmful victim bashing.  Go back to the top, and read again – for 15 years since 2003 and the mess that was KWS, Kenyans have been continuously brutalized by forced evictions, mass massacres, mental and physical trauma and the percentage of PwD’s has risen sharply due to armed brutality against the population.

Further, cases of mental instability have risen by over 4000% – 4,000!! Suicide rates have risen to over 2000% in the last 15 years, while health care is either non-existent or highly expensive – un-affordable. Each FAMILY in Kenya has a member who suffers one of the following:

  • Eviction
  • Homelessness (even if for a period of 3 months)
  • Mental Unease – bipolar, schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Rape
  • Person with Disability
  • Chronic Health issue – Cancer, Diabetes, Hbp, Sickle Cell Anemia, HIV/Aids
  • Violent Arrest
  • Violent Death (murder, massacre)

With many government services being privatized and a population that is taxed for each 100 shillings they receive, Kenyan men come last at the bottom of the rung, in services they should receive from their own government.

Many men in the dire futility and frustration of trying to look after their broken families increasingly turn to what they should never do:-  they sell their ancestral lands and homes, beginning a horror of homelessness and insecurity, a horror of a lack of subsistence living, an inability to live off their land and thus educate their children. The outcome is continual slavery – a bitter cycle of menial work for payment for homes, payment for food, payment for electricity and water, and payment for health. These men shall never be free men.

Meanwhile, the Trio of Protagonists continue regurgitating the false perception that Kenyans are an independent free- thinking and favored peoples. Glossy pictures and images of lies are splashed on billboards and magazines in advertisements that are figments of the designers imagination.

Grown men and women are constantly encouraged to fit into these false ideals of the perfect family and the inability to fit into this allure is called failure. These ideas are cleverly implanted via our social spaces online and offline, in the media, and in our God Halls. Not a week goes by before a blessed message is propagated to willing worshipers from the Altars of our Worship spaces. This Trio have meanwhile become increasingly wealthy off the same land that they evict their subjects from, land they have handed over to foreigners and a new breed of what are known as 1st generation immigrants – the Whites.

Between this Trio is the truth – that there is nothing like “Tribalism” and we are all Brothers, for they are siblings, with one Father – Moi, and one Mother – Mama Ngina. Only to these do the Trio bow.

And in their wealth and arrogant power they have become very dangerous men who have succeeded in smoothly and with a vigorous charm, sold the people of this country to the Zionists, as Slaves. Remove the letter ‘c’ from the word ‘charm’. Then shift your perception of the truth, and begin asking questions from a Point that is Correct, which is BEFORE the implantation of false memories in the middle ages, and that question is WHO are KENYANS historically as a BLACK PEOPLE from the year 1 BC, just 10 grandmothers ago?