Lives At Risk As Wajir Remains in The Dark

Lives At Risk As Wajir Remains in The Dark

8 days of darkness is putting lives at risk as power blackout remains in place in Wajir County. Days  after Wajir branch Kenya Power and Lighting  Company reported fire in the station that disrupted power, local authorities are asking the company to urgently address the prolonged power blackout before lives are lost.

Pregnant mothers, children and people with diabetes are hard hit by the lack of power. The scorching sun and the hospital struggling with what appears to  be an outbreak of  colds among young children is worsening.

Residents we Spoke to say the darkness has exacerbated their children’s health challenges. On his social media page the director of communications of the County government laments the power blackout that has persisted and called on the national government to intervene before lives are lost. Referring to Jubilee’ s 2017 campaign slogan he says “hatuko pamoja” ( We are not in it together)! ” The people of Wajir have done their part by electing Jubilee” he continues.

According to an alternative energy expert we spoke to, the blackout could be a blessing in disguise. ” Wajir has a very favourable weather for clean solar energy why would it let itself enslaved by KPLC?” He asks dejectedly. ” If the national government lacks the political will and financial investment to tap into the available sun and wind energy, the local authority should partner with others to tap into this natural energy source and move its people out of the  power enslavement” He quips.

Wajir has 300 sunny days and 24 hours of strong wind that makes it favourable for Sun and wind as a clean source of energy.